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Cocktail Shaker Shell/Sleeve, 28 oz., Stainless Steel

Cocktail Shaker Shell/Sleeve, 28 oz., Stainless Steel

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The other half of the classic Boston shaker pair, this 28 oz. stainless steel shaker shell features a reinforced bottom to give you long-lasting, sturdy quality for years to come.

If you don't have a full shaker set, don't worry. This 28 oz. sleeve is made to fit with a standard mixing shaker glass. (A four-pronged stainless steel "hawthorn" cocktail strainer like this one is also a good idea to have around.) The Boston shaker set is a no-frills way to experiment with mixology.

To use this kind of shaker set, get used to the idea of slamming together metal and glass at weird angles. Load all of your drink ingredients in the glass portion of the pair, then fill glass halfway with ice. Then fit the metal tumbler over the top of the glass at an angle. Tap the bottom of the metal cup with the heel of your hand to create a good seal, then flip the whole thing over so the glass is now on top. After that, get shaking! When your drink is mixed, set it down with the glass on the bottom, and whack the rim of the glass to break the seal. Strain out the ice with the hawthorn strainer, or angle the glass and the tumbler to allow liquid to pass through when the set is tilted on its side. 

Use with 16 oz. heavy duty mixing glass available here.


  • Imprint area: 1-3/4" x 1" for laser engraving