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Convex Cocktail Shaker Set, 18 oz., Stainless Steel

Convex Cocktail Shaker Set, 18 oz., Stainless Steel

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Product Code: 8122

Like its little brother, the 8 oz. convex cocktail shaker, this 18 oz. version is still stylish and functional, but on a bigger scale. Ribbed construction makes it easy to hold when crafting fine cocktails.

A drink prepared in this mixer deserves the proper glass. The chimney-style glass, - also called a highball or Collins glass - is the right glass for cold and refreshing drinks often enjoyed through a straw. Reach for one of these if you are making a gin fizz, gimlet, or most "blank and blank" cocktails like a gin and tonic, vodka and soda, bourbon and ginger, etc.

It should be noted that the highball and Collins glasses are slightly different. A highball can generally take a volume of 8-12 oz., while the Collins glass is generally 12-16 oz.

This set features a base, straining lid, and cap. The cap also works as a measured jigger for up to 1¾ oz. Shaker measures 7 ¾ " high and 3 ½" in diameter. Imprinting available. Replacement caps are sold separately.


Imprint area: 1 ¾ "x1" metal laser engraving available