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Decanter Drying Stem, Economy Style

Decanter Drying Stem, Economy Style

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Product Code: 9305

Yearning for that spotless sparkle on your decanters? This Nickle Plated Decanter Drying Stem is the answer! It offers a simple solution to drying decanters after washing them. It can dry one decanter at a time.

This drying stem consists of a single nickel plated metal bar with a white silicone cap on the end. The decanter is placed over the tall part of the stem that extends upwards. The stem suspends the decanter in the air, with very minimal contact. This "suspended" effect allows the decanter to air dry completely without risking streaks and spotting that can occur with dishwashers and drying with cloths. The measurements for the decanter are as follows: 13 inches high and 6 3/4 inches across the base.

A single drying stem can dry one decanter at a time. Most decanter styles can be accommodated, though it will not be suitable for U-shaped decanters, or decanters with very sharp curves and twisted shapes.


  • Air dries decanters to a spotless shine
  • Cost effective nickel plating
  • White silicone tip to prevent metal from scratching or breaking glass
  • Supports most decanter shapes and styles
  • Sturdy base shape
  • Dimensions: 13" high and 6 3/4" across

Not imprintable