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Decantus? Aero Wine Aerating Pourer, Clear Model

Decantus? Aero Wine Aerating Pourer, Clear Model

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Decanting, or aerating, wine is the best way to take the aroma and flavors of your favorite wine up a notch. If you run a restaurant, catering company, or event planning business, aerating wine will elevate the experience for your clients and create an upscale experience.

The Decantus Wine Aerating Pourer comes in a clear model making it easy to see the wine and the aerating process. Aeration can enhance all different kinds of wine from whites to reds and everything in-between. The Bernoulli Effect created in the tubes brings extra air into the wine and creates fine bubbles. This process will improve all different kinds of flavor profiles. The Decantus model will take wine aeration to a level that you haven't experienced with any other aerating system before. The design is slim and beautifully curved. The clear model goes well with many different aesthetics and decorations. You will never go back to drinking wine without aeration after you enjoy the smooth taste and enhanced flavors.