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Decantus  Connoisseur Wine Aerator Set, 6-Piece Set

Decantus Connoisseur Wine Aerator Set, 6-Piece Set

Regular price $83.69 Sale Price: $63.00

Product Code: 7711

This is a luxury, premium product from the Decantus product line. It comes in a 6-piece set to provide for all aspects of wine aeration. The Decantus Connoisseur Wine Aerator Set is ideal for wine enthusiasts and those in the wine business.

The set includes:
  • Decantus Table Stand
  • Decantus Aerator
  • Decantus Base
  • Sediment Screen
  • Cleaning brush
  • Velvet storage pouch

This up-scale set is perfect for high-end restaurants who are ready to give their customers a wine tasting experience unlike any other. The aeration process will lift the flavor and aroma of the wine quickly and easily. This exclusive set can also make an exquisite gift for wine connoisseurs. The collection also includes a Sediment Screen to take the aeration process to a heightened level. The cleaning brush makes it easy to clean the decanter and base. For busy restaurants and events, this cleaning brush makes for a valuable tool. The velvet pouch is a smooth, silky way to store the product and keep it safe.