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Decantus? Sediment Screen (Stainless Steel)

Decantus? Sediment Screen (Stainless Steel)

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Wine decanters are the ideal way to aerate fine wines and enhance the flavors and aromas of the wine. Sometimes, when people are new to using decanters, they find that sediment and cork crumble end up in the wine. This, of course, is unwanted and decreases the enjoyment of the wine aerating experience. You can avoid this problem by using the Decantus Replacement Sediment Screen. This product is stainless steel and works perfectly with the Decantus System. If you have lost your Sediment Screen, you can easily order one of these replacements at a low cost.

The design is sleek, shiny, and appeals to the eye. The Sediment Screen works as a strainer to keep unpleasant elements out of wine. With this extra refining element, your wine drinking experience will be elevated. This is the perfect way to strain wine both at home as well as for restaurants or bars. Elevate the experience of drinking wine with a Sediment Screen.


  • 2 ¾" diameter
  • 1" high

Imprinting is not available on this product but is on many other available Decantus products.