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Decantus?  Slim 4-Piece Set

Decantus? Slim 4-Piece Set

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Product Code: 7704

This Decantus Slim 4-Piece Set is clear for functionality. The clear color makes it easy to see the aeration process as it is happening as well as easily evaluate how much wine has been poured into the device. The design of the product is sleek and curved. The top funnels down into an easy to hold curve perfectly designed for your hand to hold. The base of the product is wider to further support comfort along with an upscale aesthetic. The tubes in this product create the Bernoulli Effect that pull air into the wine to create fine bubbles. This enhances both the flavor and aroma of your favorite wine. The collection is ideal for creating a luxurious experience at a restaurant, bar, or event. This set can also be further customized for your business. You can imprint a logo or design opposite from the Decantus logo above the tube entrance or on the black base.  

This 4-Piece Set comes with:
  • Decantus Slim Aerator
  • Base
  • Cleaning brush
  • Velvet storage pouch