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Decantus? To-Go Set, with handles

Decantus? To-Go Set, with handles

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Product Code: 7706

With the Decantus To Go Wine Aerator, you will get all the value of a wine aerating system in a simple, portable design. This is a simplified version of the larger Decantus wine aerator models. This wine aerating system provides results that will elevate the taste and smell of all your favorite wines. This portable model will retain all the function and benefits of the larger models but in a smaller package.

The product is clear making it easy to see the process of aeration. The aeration process brings air into the wine to create fine bubbles and bring out the rich, aromatic tastes of each individual wine. The Decantus system has finer bubbles than any other aeration product out there. This model comes with two handles on the sides making it easy to hold as you pour wine through the aerator. The aerator will filter the wine as it is funneled through to the glass.