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Decantus To-Go Set

Decantus To-Go Set

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Product Code: 7705

The Decantus To-Go is a sleek, simple version of the Decantus elite model. This product is clear which makes it easy to see the wine you are pouring. With a curved, sleek design, the Decantus To-Go fits in your hand making it easy to hold and pour your favorite wine through the device. Aerating wine leads to a better aromatic and tasting experience.

With the Decantus To-Go, you can aerate wine easily wherever you are. The design is functional and will enhance the taste of your favorite wine. This product is also perfect for serving wine at events or restaurants. The Decantus To-Go is perfect for travel and can make the experience of drinking your favorite fine wine better no matter where you are.

This model includes:

  • Aerator with base
  • Storage pouch

The storage pouch makes it easy to put the wine aerator away in a convenient place. Keep the product stored in the pouch for easy access and cleanliness.