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Drip-Free Pourer and Stopper

Drip-Free Pourer and Stopper

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Product Code: 8215

Two main issues often occur with wines. First off, there is the problem of unsightly drips when pouring. The second issue is often preserving the wine once it has been uncorked. However, with the Drip-Free Pourer/Stopper from Wine Devices, both issues are addressed.

The Drip-Free Pourer/Stopper has a double spout system. The outer spout means that there won't be any drips when the wine is poured. A snap-on cap perfectly seals the wine until next time. A breather tube within the Drip-Free Pourer/Stopper helps to aerate the wine and ensure a smooth pour each time.

The Drip-Free Pourer/Stopper is available in black. The device measures 3 1/2" in height, which includes the cap. Its diameter is 1 ½".

Many of Wine Device's products and accessories can be imprinted with a message, advertisement or logo. The Drip-Free Pourer/Stopper offers multiple imprint options. It can be imprinted on the base of the accessory or vertically on the cap using screen/pad print.

Imprint area: on base: 1/4" X 1/4", vertical on cap: 1/2" X 1/2". Screen/Pad Print