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Folding Card or Neck Hanger Only for DropStop

Folding Card or Neck Hanger Only for DropStop

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Using a DropStop puts an end to the unsightly drips and spills that occur when pouring wine or any other bottle for that matter. Now, you can make this wonderful accessory even better with a DropStop Folding Card or Neck Hanger.

You decide how you want to personalize your wine bottle. Pick either a Folding Card or Neck Hanger for the DropStop. Simply select P in your order for the folding card style or N if you prefer a neck hanger. Take the process one step further and customize it. If your order contains 1,000 or more units, then you can choose your own design and have a custom-made folding card or neck hanger for your wine. These are ideal for weddings as well as major life events like christenings and anniversaries. They're even perfect for corporate events or the hospitality industry.

Set yourself apart with the wonderful array of accessories from Wine Devices.

Imprint area: 3" X 2". Offset Printing