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Mini Disc Holder for DropStop

Mini Disc Holder for DropStop

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Product Code: 8063

 A DropStop is a unique and handy device that is the answer to a common problem; droplets dripping down while pouring a bottle. This is extremely problematic and not to mention unsightly when you are pouring a glass of wine at a dinner party or a wine tasting. However, with a DropStop disc, there aren't any drips. Once you are done with the bottle or wine or liquor, simply wash and store it until next time.

For easy storage, use the DropStop Mini Disc Holder from Wine Devices. This hard plastic case stores up to 20 DropStops. Drop Stops are sold separately. If carefully cared for and properly stored, a single DropStop can last for years. The DropStop Mini Disc Holder also includes instruction cards. The case measure 3" in diameter.

While a large majority of Wine Device product and accessories are available for imprinting, it is not available for this product.

Imprint Not Available.