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One-Hand Decanter, 62 oz.

One-Hand Decanter, 62 oz.

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Product Code: 9146

Never struggle again to pour wine with one hand! The One-Handed Glass Wine Decanter allows you to pour wine safely and easily thanks to the dip at the bottom of the decanter's bowl. This dip allows two fingers to be inserted inside to help stabilize the whole decanter during a one-handed pour.

The rest of the bowl also has unique features with the most distinct one being its angular shape. Most decanters feature a rounded bowl, while this decanter has strong edges that create a flat, angled line from the widest point of the bowl to the bottom. This flat edge can be used to lie the decanter at an angle to facilitate a more thorough aeration of the wine within. This slanted stance also offers access to the bottom of the decanter when attempting the one-handed pour. The neck and lip of the One-Handed Decanter is very similar to that of a classic decanter with a flared spout-like shape for funneling out the wine into the glass.


  • Bottom finger hold for one-handed pouring
  • Clear, high-quality glassware
  • Can be stood on its side or upright
  • Tilted stance allows for a further aeration of wine
  • Capacity: 62 oz.
  • Dimensions: 8 5/8" high; 7 1/2" diameter
  • Custom imprint area on bowl: 3" by 2"