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Perforated Flow Pourer

Perforated Flow Pourer

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Product Code: 8224

Certain wines, especially reds, benefit from aeration. Aeration actually improves the flavors. It can be achieved by simply opening the bottle of wine and pouring it into a glass, allowing it to sit. However, you can speed the process along by using the Perforated Flow Pourer from Wine Devices.

The Perforated Flow Pourer has 32 perforated holes in the bottle insert. The addition of the holes in the bottom force liquid and air to go through the holes for aeration. It also results in an extremely smooth flow, which is always pleasing to guests.

The Perforated Flow Pourer is available in either black or smoke. It measures 5" height by 1 1/4" width. While many of Wine Devices can be imprinted, the Perforated Flow Pourer cannot.

No Imprint Available.