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Plat Wine Bottle Coasters, Silver Plated, Set of 4

Plat Wine Bottle Coasters, Silver Plated, Set of 4

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Setting a wine bottle directly on the table is never a good option for a bar or restaurant. But by using this Plat wine bottle coaster set from Wine Devices, you can easily create a stylish space for resting opened wine bottles while also keeping your table clean and protected. This set of four silver-plated coasters has a shiny, luxurious look that fits an upscale establishment or event space. The inset for the wine bottle measures 4" across. There's also a sizable border around the edge which brings the total diameter of each coaster to 6 1/8".

Keeping bottles on these Plat Wine Bottle Coasters is a wonderful way to add style and elegance to your tabletop presentation. It also helps to collect any condensation that might accumulate on chilled bottles while also protecting the tablecloth from any moisture present on the bottle. These simple and chic wine bottle coasters look just as lovely on bar tops and cocktail tables as they do on formal dining tables.

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