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Pomerol Medium Decanter, 54 oz.

Pomerol Medium Decanter, 54 oz.

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The Pomerol Medium Decanter is a stunning glass wine decanter that can hold up to 54 ounces of liquid. This decanter can be used for decanting wine and port. It may also be used simply as a vessel for holding a large quantity of beverage for sharing among a group of drinkers or diners. The unusual shape of the Pomerol Medium Decanter is actually a feature that's quite common among Pomerol Decanters. The wide, oval shaped bowl is distinct and uniquely suited for decanting wine. In the decanting process the idea is to ensure the sediment and grit fall to the bottom of the bowl and remain filtered out of the wine. Decanting allows the drinker to enjoy the wine without ingesting gritty sediment and unpleasant textures. This process is especially important when serving wines. The Pomerol Medium Decanter produces perfect glass of wine with every pour.


  • High-quality glass
  • Unique wide bottom shape
  • Achieve perfect decanting
  • Simple, clean aesthetic that's perfect for restaurant settings
  • Capacity: 54 oz.
  • Dimensions: 8.75" tall; 8.5" wide
  • Custom glass etching imprint area: 3" by 2"