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Portage Deluxe Portable Wine Chiller, 2-Piece (Base and Screw-Top Dome)

Portage Deluxe Portable Wine Chiller, 2-Piece (Base and Screw-Top Dome)

Regular price $29.69 Sale Price: $23.62

Product Code: 9097

The Portage Deluxe Potable Wine Chiller is a beautiful addition to any dinner table. Simple place the coolant-filled base into the freezer until frozen, then remove and add your favorite bottle of wine before screwing on the domed top. The unique design eliminates the need for ice, which can melt and puddle, causing a mess. Not only will this thoughtful design keep your wine cool for hours, it can also be used to easily transport wine to a friend's house or party thanks to the included loop-top handle. The clear body of the chiller allows you to view the contents and even read the bottle's label without removing it from the case.

The Portage Deluxe Portable Wine Chiller measures 18 inches high with the dome in place. The base measures 6 1/2" high. This item may be imprinted with a customizable area measuring 2" wide by 2" high. Imprinting is done by screen/pad printing or laser to ensure accuracy. Please note that minimum orders and additional charges may apply to customized items. The value-priced wine chiller ships for free on orders over $99.