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Premium Decanting Pourer, Stainless Steel

Premium Decanting Pourer, Stainless Steel

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Wine aficionados know that most red wines and many white wines need to "breathe." The expression may sound strange, but it's true. Once the cork is released, the wine is finally opened up after being sealed. Aerating of letting oxygen in allows the wine's wonderful flavors to come to the forefront.

With the Stainless Steel Premium Decanting Pourer from Wine Devices, you can perfectly oxygenate your wines by simply pouring it into a glass. The patented Premium Decanting Pourer is a small but mighty stainless steel tool that aerates the wine by using a Venturi Pipe, a small hourglass-shaped neck inside the pourer. It increases the speed of the pour, pulling air in through a small vent hole. On top of all this, a screen disperses the wine right before it comes out, providing a flavorful one-two aerating punch.

The Stainless Steel Premium Decanting Pourer is 3 3/4" long. This delightful device can be customized with an imprint such as a name or date. The imprint area ½" x ½" and can be engraved with either a screen/pad or laser print. Give the perfect gift to the wine collector in your life.

This device is a must-have for wine tasting events too!