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Rapid Ice Wine Chiller Sleeve

Rapid Ice Wine Chiller Sleeve

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Product Code: 7780

If it's time to serve the wine, and you realize you forgot to pop the bottle in the fridge, all is not lost if you have a wine chiller sleeve. Just have it in the freezer, like you would an ice pack, and you can pull it out and save the moment.

The perfect product is the Rapid Ice Wine Chiller Sleeve from Wine Devices. It's also perfect if you know you will be outside or in a warm room for a while. With this product, you eliminate the need to have your wine on ice or have some other cooling encumbrance. Just slip on the sleeve, and you will bring down the bottle's temperature within minutes, and it stays that way for several hours.

The Rapid Ice Wine Chiller Sleeve is 6-7/8 inches high. Also, there is room for a custom imprint in a 3-inch by 1-1/4-inch area on the front of screen/pad print