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Rosewood Handle Corkscrew Cone/Stopper Combo

Rosewood Handle Corkscrew Cone/Stopper Combo

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Product Code: 2272

The Rosewood Handle Corkscrew Cone and Stopper Combo available at Wine Devices provides superior leverage when opening a bottle of wine. This combination item is made to screw into a bottle and be used as a stopper until a new bottle is opened. It is truly two great products ingeniously engineered into the compact space of one, for the price of one. Actually, for the price of less than one, because when you order from Wine Devices, you'll get the advantage of discount pricing. Made of genuine rosewood, this item has a streamlined design with a cover that is shaped like a cone so the spiral is protected. And the bubbly quality of the beverage you have opened is also protected, so you do not have to finish what you started as soon as you open the bottle. Drink what you want now, and save the rest for later, knowing it will not lose the qualities that made you buy or order that bottle in the first place.