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Selection Decanting Pourer

Selection Decanting Pourer

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Generally most red wines and some whites require aeration. After being sealed, wines do need to breathe. It definitely improves the flavor and sometimes simply opening the bottle isn't enough. That's where decanters come into play. With the Selection Decanting Pourer from, you are actually able to oxygenate the wine as you pour.

Thanks to this patented decanting pourer, the wonderful cornucopia of flavors is ignited. Inside the Selection Decanting Pourer is an hourglass shaped neck called a Venturi pipe. The tube inside increases the speed of wine flow by creating a vacuum that pulls air in through the small vent hole. However, that's not all this clever decanting pourer does! It also has a screen to disperse the flow before it leaves the pourer, which allows for even more aeration.

The Selection Decanting Pourer is 3 3/4" long. It can also be laser engraved along the clear top with a name, date or whatever noteworthy message that you have in mind. The imprint area is ½" x ½" and can be engraved with either a screen/pad or laser print. If you have a wine aficionado in your midst, the Selection Decanter will be the ideal gift. It is also excellent for wine tasting events.

Imprint area on clear top: 1/2" X 1/2" Screen/Pad Print or Laser.