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Slo-Vino Pourer

Slo-Vino Pourer

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Product Code: 8232-Black

The Slo-Vino Pourer from Wine Devices is a two-piece plastic pourer that serves two purposes. It slows the pour of wine for accurate measuring while also allowing for aeration. Why aerate a wine? Well, doing so actually triggers both oxidation and evaporation. The two natural occurrences improves the taste of the wine.

Five oval openings at the base of the Slo-Vino Pourer slow the speed of the pour and allow air in. In addition, the top cap gives a tight seal between pours. The tight seal will keep the wine fresher.

Are you hosting a wine tasting event or offer a wine tasting room? If so, the Slo-Vino Pourer is ideal for enhancing the wine by initiating aeration as well as giving you a climactic pour. The Slo-Vino Pourer is available in your choice of black or red top. It is 1 1/16" high by 1" diameter.

While imprints are available on many of Wine Devices amazing wine accessories, an imprint is not available with the Slo-Vino Pourer.
No Imprint Available.