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Snap-Down Champagne Stopper

Snap-Down Champagne Stopper

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Product Code: 2246

When your taste for champagne is just limited enough to preclude you from finishing that bottle of bubbly after you've opened it up, you need the Snap-Down Champagne Stopper available at Wine Devices. Measuring 2 3/4 inches high and 1 1/4 diameter at the top, the champagne stopper's design compresses in the bottle neck, which prevents gases from escaping and then locks its arm under the glass muzzle ring. The stopper also has room for an imprint on the lever arm. You can count on a flush, secure, tight fit every single time with this efficient and affordable product. Equally effective for champagne and wine bottles, the snap-down stopper is safer and easier to control than metal stopper with two rings that require both hands to remove. These plastic snap-downs afford you a much greater degree of control over the release of gas pressure.

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