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Super-Seal Champagne Stopper, Nickel Plated

Super-Seal Champagne Stopper, Nickel Plated

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Product Code: 2250

Don't let your wine lose its sparkle just because you opened the bottle and couldn't finish it all on the first night. Use the Nickel-Plated Super-Seal Champagne Stopper available at Wine Devices to help your champagne retain its bubbling sparkle for days and days. This 2 1/4-inch high stopper with a factory metal neutral or lacquer fill imprint area for a personalized touch has a rubber seal with a piece that is engineered to evenly disperse the carbonation when you re-cap the bottle. Now there is no more unspoken pressure to finish what you started in the same sitting. Open the bubbly, enjoy while drinking responsibly, then close it back up and save it for another day, when it will taste just as good and retain just as much carbonation as it had the first time around. An ingenious design, this low-cost item makes an ideal gift.