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Swoop Crumb Sweeper (Three Brushes)

Swoop Crumb Sweeper (Three Brushes)

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It may seem like a meaningless gesture, but diners really appreciate and remember establishments that take the time to clean the tablecloths between courses at restaurants and events. High volume services require high volume tools. That's where the Swoop Crumb Sweeper from Wine Devices comes in.

This unique crumb sweeper has three brushes mounted on stainless steel. Its body and lid made of strong polycarbonate, making for a tool that is durable, works beautifully and is completely washable.

It's simple yet inventive design includes a compartment. The top opens to allow for easy emptying. Having this compartment means that there isn't any need for the wait staff to hold crumbs in their hands or push them off to the floor. What a wonderful and far cleaner transition between courses.

With four rubber wheels activating two brushes crumbs are quickly corralled and pushed to the center brush that picks everything up. Despite the added compartment, this sweeper still has a compact size! It measures 4 7/8" in length and is 2 7/8" in width. The sweeper stands 1 3/8" in height and only weighs 4 ounces.

Add a personal touch and have the silver top custom imprinted with the name of your restaurant, catering business or event location. Engravings are done with either a laser or screen/pad print.

Imprint area on silver color top 3 X 1-1/4. Laser or Screen/Pad Print.

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