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Tealight Candles (Pack of 25 each)

Tealight Candles (Pack of 25 each)

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Product Code: 8379

For restaurants and bars, Tea Light Candles are must-have decor items. From quiet little coffee shops to bustling fine dining establishments, Tea Light Candles are the go-to way to slow everything down and create a softer, more romantic atmosphere. They're simple and elegant. You can throw them in candle holders or just set them down on their own, these little lights will flicker long into the night.

With the interest of saving you some time and money, Wine Devices offers Tea Light Candles in bulk packs of 25. Each set will come with 25 individual Tea Light Candles that measure 1 1/2 inches in diameter by 5/8 inches high. The candles are held in little metal containers of their own. When the wax melts, the metal cup will hold the wick and the liquid wax in place as it burns.


  • White candles
  • Pack of 25
  • Dimensions of each candle:1 1/2" in diameter by 5/8" high
  • Metal cups to hold melted wax
  • Wicks included
  • Perfect for restaurants, coffee shops and bars
  • Creates soft mood lighting when lit
  • Reusable