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Two DropStop Wine Pourers on a Rack Card

Two DropStop Wine Pourers on a Rack Card

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Product Code: C-8066

When it comes to pouring the perfect glass of wine, it is all in avoiding the drips. It's actually rather easy to do with the DropStop Wine Pourers on a Rack Card from Wine Devices. The DropStop Wine Pourers are wonderful for wine collectors and make the ideal gift. They are ideal for wine tastings and events because they take the stress out of pouring.

Each DropStop Wine Pourer is made from a thin and flexible foil mylar. You roll up the disc and place it in the bottle neck to stop dripping. The DropStop Wine Pourer includes two on a rack card that can be imprinted with your advertising message. Choose up to four colors in your message. They are perfect for weddings, social events, wine tastings and even for giveaways.

Imprint with your advertising message in up to four colors.