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Vino Plate Clip

Vino Plate Clip

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You're at a great party, wine in hand and ready to celebrate. The appetizers come out, but once you've loaded up a plate with delicious bites, you don't have a free hand to actually enjoy them. If this scenario sounds familiar, you need these vino plate clips from Wine Devices. This handy little accessory is a must-have for wine lovers who like to mix and mingle. Simply attach the clip to your plate, then slide the stem of your wine glass into the clip opening. Voila! You have a perfect way to carry your wine and snacks around while still having a free hand for enjoying appetizers while standing.

Perfect for event caterers, party planners and wine bar owners, these wine glass clips for plates make a great addition to your stock of accessories. Choose from white, clear or smoke-colored clips to match your style. Each clip is 3 ½" long and has a 1 ¼" x 1" area available for customization with screen printing.

Imprint area: 1-1/4" X 1". Screen/Pad Print.

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