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Wine Chimney Tea Candle Set, Stained Glass Dome

Wine Chimney Tea Candle Set, Stained Glass Dome

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Product Code: 8376

The Stained Glass Wine Chimney Set brings a brightness and warmth to any room. The colorful hues and designs of the stained glass will bath everything around it in delightful waves of yellow, blue, green and red. This chimney set is part of the wine bottle oil lamp. Empty wine bottles and champagne bottles can be repurpose and transformed into beautiful candles and oil lamps. The glass chimney acts as a sort of barrier, reducing the amount of smokiness that escapes the lamp. It also has an extra layer of safety, should the bottle topple over. Safety stands can also be purchased from Wine Devices to aid in stabilizing these beautiful homemade lamps.

The glass chimney sits over the candle and the neck of the bottle. It covers the entire flame and keeps it mostly enclosed. In addition to the colorful designs featured on the glass itself, a simple metal ornament depicting a bunch of grapes dangles off the side of the chimney's lip. This charming set is the perfect complement to rustic-themed decor.


  • Beautifully painted stained glass
  • Metal ornament
  • Baths surroundings in colorful hues
  • Dimensions: 5" tall; 2 3/4" diameter

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