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Wine-Stone Wine Aerator

Wine-Stone Wine Aerator

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Product Code: 7728

The Wine-Stone Wine Aerator is the ideal way to aerate red wines. If you want to enhance the natural notes and flavors in your favorite red wines, this product is the best out there to give you the ultimate experience. The Wine-Stone is a valve that is placed on the top of wine bottles. This product is designed with both functionality and elegance in mind. Simply pump the valve slowly, no more than three times, and the air will create fine, tiny bubbles in the wine. This creates a smooth drinking experience that reduces less savory compounds and enhances the best notes.

You can also use the Wine-Stone Wine Aerator to pump air into a glass of wine, but, in this case, only pump once. The decanted wine will last for 10-12 hours of time. This product also includes a wall hanger. You can further customize the piece with laser imprinting of logos and designs on the metal rim.

  • 12 ¼" long
  • 1 1/8" wide at pump