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Zeus Uncorking Machine, Wall Mount, Nickel Plated

Zeus Uncorking Machine, Wall Mount, Nickel Plated

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Product Code: 5061

The Zeus Uncorking Machine is king of corkscrews. This wall-mounted version makes quick work of extracting corks from bottles. Restaurants and bars find the machine indispensable as drink orders come in all evening. Simply insert the bottle opening into the device, pull the lever to insert the worm, then push the lever back to pull the cork from the bottle. Then you're ready to pour. The Zeus has three depth settings to extract corks based on the neck of the wine bottle. Zeus has a 12-inch leverage arm to maximize extracting power. The handle has an attractive wood grip that makes it easy to use. The body of the Zeus is nickel plated to match silver details of the bar or kitchen. The machine measures 22-inches in height by 3.5-inches in depth. It is easy to install with screws and a drill.