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Celebrating over 20,000+ happy customers with free shipping for orders over $100!
Celebrating over 20,000+ happy customers with free shipping for orders over $100!


Wine About It – the perfect products for a girls night in

We’re not saying that alcohol is essential for a catch-up with the girls, but it is most certainly not a coincidence that most girls nights in – and out – tend to feature a glass of wine, a bottle of bubbly or a few fruity cocktails. There’s nothing better than chatting with friends, sharing problems and giving advice over some good food and drink, so here are a few fun suggestions for your next girls night in.

Dinner and movie

Now going out to see the latest blockbuster at the movie theater with friends is always fun, but somehow its even better when done at home. You can let the wine flow at dinner and not hold back on the gossip and giggles, like you would at a restaurant. You can talk over the movie without being shushed by strangers and indulge in interesting snacks or extravagant cheese platters which makes a refreshing change from overpriced popcorn. All in all, dinner and a movie at home with the girls is a lot of fun and gives you the perfect chance to re-watch those classic movies which you all know and love, quoting lines along the way.

Wine tasting

You may not be wine experts, but if there’s one thing you do know it’s how to drink it. Forget vineyard tours and professional wine tasting courses; just organize it yourself at home with the girls. There’ll be far less pretentious wine talk and much more time to chat about love, life and everything in between.

Ask everyone to bring a bottle or two and aim to try a little of each. You’ll need some Bottle Stoppers to keep the opened bottles fresh to finish off at a later date. Another one of our essential wine products is these large wine glasses, which allow adequate swirling, sniffing and sipping; we love the Super Tasting Red Wine Glass which is substantial enough to swirl air into the wine without any spills!

Play dates and mommy catch-ups

A wonderful way for moms to catch up is to arrange play dates for their kids so they can have a good old chat while the little ones get up to no good. This a brilliant chance for some informal dinner, so put some snacks on the table, order a pizza, crack open a bottle and just relax!

Go full gourmet dinner party

It’s always fun to get glamorously dressed up and a great opportunity to do just that is by organizing a fancy dinner party feast. Invite each of your girl friends to bring a dish of their choice, set the table with your best crockery, glassware and cutlery and indulge yourselves in great food and even better company.

Wine is always a must at these types of gatherings, and one of our favorite wine products for dinner parties is the ICE-COOL Carafe which has a glass insert to fill with ice to keep your wine cool. It can hold a full bottle of wine and is perfect for white, rosé or a little bubbly. Whatever you choose, you won’t have to run to the fridge every time your glass needs a top up.

Impromptu visitors

Sometimes the best nights in are the unplanned evenings where friends turn up for a five minute chat and end up staying for hours! In order to be prepared for unexpected visitors, you’ll need a few basics to hand – a wine chiller so you can get the good stuff on ice in super-quick time, a sturdy, reliable cork screw and of course an emergency supply of wine and nibbles to indulge in as you chat!

You’ll find lots more wine products for those girly nights in at Wine Devices; take a look around our store to stock up on the essentials.

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