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If you're looking to expand your wine glass collection, you've come to the right place. This selection of elegant and durable wine glasses from Wine Devices includes a number of styles which are suited to the high levels of use found in restaurants, bars and event spaces. These glasses are made to shine even when used, washed and dried multiple times per day.

Despite their durability and style, there's still the question of which glasses to choose. If you're not sure which of these options to stock up on, use the following guide.

Red vs. White Wine Glasses

Reds and whites may both taste great, but the glass in which they're served has a big impact on flavor. Plus, you'll want to use the right glass to serve each wine in order to avoid offending your wine aficionado customers.

  • Red wine glasses: Red wine glasses are typically a bit taller and wider. The larger bowl of these glasses provides more space for the bold, rich aromas of red wines to emerge.
  • White wine glasses: White wines have a smaller shape. This shorter, smaller bowl helps to bring out the acidity in the wine.
  • Champagne glasses: Champagne should be served in tall, thin flutes to keep it bubbly for longer periods of time.
  • Varietal-specific glasses: If you often serve certain types of wine (Cabernet, Bordeaux, etc.), consider getting a glass made specifically for those varietals.

Stemless Glasses vs. Stems

Serving wine in stemless glasses is certainly a modern trend. But will the lack of a stem affect the taste of the wine? It might, but it's usually only a problem with white wines. That's because holding the glass by the bowl due to a lack of stem can warm up the wine, which is more of a problem with white wines since they are typically chilled. With red wines, it's less of an issue.

Many bars and restaurants have found that stemless wine glasses have some unique benefits. The lack of stems typically results in fewer occurrences of spills and breaks, while the tumbler-like shape lets them double as cocktail, juice or soda glasses.

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