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New to Wine? Tips for Choosing a Wine You Will Enjoy


The selection of wine can be very daunting if you’re a beginner. How do you know which wine is the right one for you? Knowing the differences between wines and what they go well with can help you select the perfect wine for you. Here are some tips for choosing a wine you will enjoy.

Pairing Wine with Foods

If you’re eating a certain type of food, the wine you choose can either compliment or ruin your meal. As a basic rule, the heartier your food is, the heavier your wine should be. You want your wine and food to compliment one another.

If you’re eating a thick steak, try a red wine. A red wine will bring out the juiciness of the meat without taking away any flavor. It has a richness that works very well with a slice of meat. Not only does it taste good, but it looks beautiful and romantic as well.

If you’re going to eat lighter foods, such as a salad or fruit, then a white wine will best compliment these flavors. A white wine will also work perfectly with fish because it’s not too heavy. A white wine, like Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, is perfect for seafood and salad.

Now that you know how to pair wine with food, it’s important to find a flavor you’ll enjoy. It’s not enough to just taste and swallow. Wine tasting is an art that takes years to perfect. There are some easy steps to follow to find your perfect wine.

Take in the Aroma

When first pouring your wine, take some time to swish it around in the glass to let it breath. This allows all the keynotes and flavors to really be one with another. Before you take a sip, you have to smell it.

Your nose is the most important tool in finding the perfect wine. If a wine smells bad to you, then it’s not going to taste very well either. Pick out the scents and separate flavors from one another.

Focus on Taste

After you smell one you think you will enjoy, try and focus on only the wine. Eliminating all other factors such as noise can help you find out what it is about the wine that you really like. Make sure you get a big enough swallow in order to best determine the great qualities.

It’s also important to remember that whatever glass you’re drinking out of can impact how you taste your wine. If you’re drinking from a Styrofoam cup, you’re not going to have the same experience as drinking from a tall, crystal glass. Take into consideration how your glass or cup is affecting your taste and smell.

In order to choose the right wine for you, it’s important to know how to taste it. Once you have mastered the art of tasting wine, you will be able to determine which features and qualities you enjoy from a red or white wine. So if you’re new to wine, remember these great tips to help guide your way through the world of wine.