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Classic Decanter with Funnel, 78 oz.

Classic Decanter with Funnel, 78 oz.

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Product Code: 9141

The Classic Decanter with Funnel is a glass decanter for wines, ports and other drinks that contain sediment and grit. The innovative design of this decanter has actually been around for quite some time. It simply improves upon the decanter vessel by adding a funnel that rests within the wide neck of the decanter. The funnel is silver plated and has been fitted with a screen. This simple and elegant system serves only to improve the enjoyment and taste of the wine by making the decanting process more precise. It can also help achieve a better aeration of the wine.

The decanter itself is classic in its shape and style. It has a large glass bowl that is shaped like a teardrop. It has a slightly curved neck that offers plenty of room for grasping the decanter by hand, and finally it has a wide opening to accommodate the funnel. The lip curves outward in the classic decanter style.


  • Classic glass bowl shape
  • Silver plated funnel with screen
  • Capacity: 78 oz. up to full rim
  • Dimensions: 10 5/8" tall and 6 1/2" wide
  • Glass etching available for 3" by 2" area