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Pop-Up Pourer and Sealer, Black

Pop-Up Pourer and Sealer, Black

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Product Code: 8226

You've pulled out the cork and now what? The bottle isn't finished, but you don't want to throw it away or let insects inside. Well, thankfully Wine Devices has the answer with the Pop-Up Pourer and Sealer. It has a strong ABS body and flexible neoprene bottle insert that fits tightly for a great fit inside the bottle. When you're ready for some more, simply grip the crown, pull straight up and extend the 1/4" opening and a 1/4" diameter pouring hole.

There is even a breather tube inside the bottle insert that ensures a smooth pour every time you open the bottle. The Pop-Up Pourer & Sealer stands 3" high and 1/2" wide. The stylish black color makes it the perfect wine accessory. You can't beat the fabulous price either. For a marginal fee, you will get an even pour and be able to safely and effectively seal the bottle until next time.

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