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Champagne Re-Sealer, ABS Plastic Body

Champagne Re-Sealer, ABS Plastic Body

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Product Code: 2248

Save the bubbly you don't drink in one sitting with the Champagne Re-Sealer with ABS plastic body available at Wine Devices. This stopper is made for champagne, not for still wines, so this ABS plastic stopper will not pop right out the way a still wine stopper would if it is miscast as a champagne device. The Champagne Re-Sealer is constructed with an internal spring that clamps the metal sides underneath the bottle's glass muzzle ring. This stopper is equally effective for use with sparkling wines. Made with extra space for a custom imprint (making it an ideal personalized gift item), the 2 1/2" high by 1 1/2" in diameter stopper is a great addition to your own personal bar or wine cabinet at a remarkably affordable price.