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ICE-COOL Carafe? (4-color box)

ICE-COOL Carafe? (4-color box)

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Product Code: 8448

Chill your drinks to the perfect temperature for enjoyment with the ICE-COOL Carafe. With this carafe your drinks can be cooled down without risking watering down your beverage with ice. An insert tube is included with the carafe that is designed to hold the ice. This way you can use ice to chill your drinks without having to dilute it with melting ice. Add ice cubes to the insert tube and put it into the carafe with your drink. The carafe has a spouted lip that allows you to pour you drink with the insert still sitting into the carafe. A large corked stopper keeps the ice inside the insert.

The ICE-COOL Carafe will hold up to 750 mL of liquid. This is enough for a standard bottle of wine, but this carafe can be used to hold any kind beverage including tea, lemonade, juice and cocktails. This carafe is an excellent choice for use in the home and in restaurants.


  • Fast Chill
  • Stops ice from diluting drinks
  • Measurements: 12 3/4" high; 2 5/8" top diameter; 4 1/4" bottom diameter
  • Spout for easy pouring while insert is in carafe
  • Large stopper to prevent ice from tumbling out while pouring
  • Imprinting available