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Liquid Candle Wax, Lamp Oil

Liquid Candle Wax, Lamp Oil

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Liquid Candle Wax or Lamp Oil is pure liquid paraffin wax. It is used to fuel wine bottle candles and lamps. Wine bottle lamps are a creative way to give your wine bottles a new lease on life. Transform empty wine and champagne bottles into rustic and frugal sources of mood lighting. These lamps can be used around the home, in public venues like restaurants during dinner service or as off-beat centerpieces for special events like weddings. They can be a source of mood lighting and help create a romantic ambience.

The Lamp Oil is sold in 32-ounce bottles. The paraffin wax is the purest available and of the highest quality. It gives off no odors when burning and offers a smokeless light. This product is made in the U.S.

Liquid Candle Wax is the final piece needed to complete the wine bottle candle set. This product can be used to for refills as well as freshly assembled candles. Restaurants, wedding venues and bars may wish to buy this item in bulk quantities.


  • Lamp oil for wine bottle candles/lamps
  • Unscented/odorless
  • Does not smoke when burning
  • Liquid pure paraffin wax
  • 32 oz. of oil included
  • Made in the U.S.