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Slo-Vino Pourers, 6 each on a card (8232)

Slo-Vino Pourers, 6 each on a card (8232)

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Product Code: 8233

The Slo-Vino Pourer is a two piece plastic pourer that serves two purposes. It slows the pour of the wine, allowing for accurate measuring. However, it also aerates the wine. Why is aeration important? Aeration improves the flavor of the wine. Yes, it's true that simply opening the bottle and pouring a glass aerates the wine, but with the Slo-Vino Pourer, you are accelerating the process.

Five oval openings at the base of the pourer slow the speed of the pour and allow air in. In addition, the top cap provides a tight seal between pours, keeping the wine fresher. Storing wine is often a problem once the cork is removed, but not with the Slo-Vino Pourer. The wine will stay fresh and without unwanted fruit flies and insects.

The Slo-Vino Pourer is great for wine tasting rooms and tasting events. It is available in your choice of a black, burgundy, white or red top. Each pourer measures 1 1/16" in height and is 1" in diameter. The Slo-Vino Pourer comes in a set of 6 pourers.

It also can be imprinted. There is a ¾" diameter area that can be imprinted with a business name. The imprint utilizes a pad/screen print.

Imprinting is Not Available on this product.