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Three-Leg Wine Stand for 9285 Ideal Wine and Chamagne Chiller

Regular price $30.59 Sale Price: $21.45

Product Code: 9288

Whether you frequently entertain at home or are the owner of an upscale establishment, the Three -Leg Wine Stand from Wine Devices is the perfect place to set a wine or champagne bottle. It is ideal when table space is at a minimum, which is often the case in a crowded restaurant.

However, the Thee-Leg Wine Stand is also the best way to present another fabulous Wine Devices' accessory, the Ideal Wine and Champagne Chiller. The 9285 Ideal Wine and Champagne Chiller is fashionably concealed inside.

When dinner is over, the stand easily folds up for convenient storage. Three-piece hinges are mounted 9 ½" apart to make folding up a snap. Two u-shaped pins hold the stand together when it is fully assembled. It's easy to put up and take down.

The Three-Leg Stand measures 29 1/4" in height and has a span of 11 1/4" between the legs at the base. Unlike many of Wine Devices' wonderful array of wine products and accessories, the Three-Leg Stand cannot be custom imprinted with a name or message.

Not imprintable