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Trio Wine Flight Glass Holder, Stainless Steel

Trio Wine Flight Glass Holder, Stainless Steel

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Product Code: 8540

When serving wine, you know that a great deal depends upon proper presentation, and that involves everything from pouring to glassware to so much more. Among the many products that Wine Devices offers is a holder that enables you to present wine glasses already poured for your guests.

The Trio Wine Flight Glass Holder is a sophisticated and fun way to present three wines with a compact, stainless steel holder. The Wine Flight Glasses holder is light in weight for easy transportation, but sturdily built to keep accidental spillage at a minimum. Welded knobs on each side keep the glasses steady and balanced while carrying. This is a perfect way to present wine for restaurants, wine tastings, or even for home use. Among wine flight holders, this one measures 12¼ inches high with a diameter of 6½ inches at the base. This product is not imprintable, and ships unassembled.